Remember The Lady Who Had A Plastic Surgery To Look-Like A Dragon (photos)

Meet Eva Tiamat Medusa famously known as the dragon woman. Eva lives in Brundi, Texas. She was supposedly raised by a snake. This was after her parents neglected her at five.

Eve was not born a woman, she used to be a man and was referred to as Richard Hernandez. As Richard, she used to work as a white collar employee. She worked as a banker at Chase bank for 15 years. She is a father of a teenaged son, Richard was involved in dual projects of changing himself into a female and transforming into a human female dragon.Her life changed entirely after he diagnosed with HIV, due to the frustration and stress that comes with having this permanent condition, he decided to have some extremely severe body modifications with an aim of looking like a Dragon. She has spent over ksh half a million Kenyan money on modifying her body just to look like the reptile(dragon)

Below are some of the photos of how she used to look like before and after surgery.

Before are pictures of Eva before the surgery, by then she was still a man with his son who is a teenager now.

After she had the surgeries, here are the pictures

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