Throwback Story of How Eight Men Were Identified In Iran’s Women football Squad

This is a throwback story of an event that happened in the world of football during the year 2015.

Sports lovers among many other people were stunned by the shocking revelation that there are suspicions that eight of the players in Iran’s female football team were actually men.




The country’s officials were branded as ‘unethical’ for playing players who are genetically more powerful.

Sports Officials then were reported to have ordered that gender tests be carried out on the entire Iranian female team and the most prolific players in the country’s local league




(The Iranian national female team in a training session)

The 2015 incident was not the first time Iranian football was in such a gender scandal, in 2010 four of their players were identified to be men, there were also questions on the gender of the then team’s goalkeeper. Which is why in 2014, Iran’s sports governing body started a mandatory testing for gender.



Some people believe that the legality of procedures for sex swap in Iran was in Sharp contrast with the strict dictations of their sharia code in regard to sexual morality which criminalizes premarital sex, homosexuality and other sexual related offenses.

Football is a very popular and loved sports in Iran among men and women alike, but before now women were not allowed inside stadiums during football matches between men.

There was once an incident when the female team’s captain was barred from participating in the championships after her husband reportedly refused to allow her to travel out of the country. Under Islamic law, she is required to get permission from her husband to renew her international passport, reports say the husband wanted her to stay at home because of the first day in school of their seven-year-old son.

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