What happened to this young lady should serve as a warning to other people

came across something that got my attention online and it is very common among people most especially the young ones of our age.This was a chat that got leaked online probably to teach some other people lesson on how to go about their life. And also not to be careless about it.In the days of our fathers, they are easy going people than we are here. They seek elders advise on everything they want to do and even announce to people where they want to go.

But nowadays, we do think we can do everything and anything we want to do without asking from anyone about it. And this can really be extremely dangerous.

This is also what happened to this young girl here. She went out with a boy and never told her parents or anyone about where she was going.

She went out with someone she called her boyfriend and lodged into a hotel together. The boy who had spent really much on her then held her up in the hotel and never let her go.

See Chat Below !!!

No one will stop you from going out, but you should ensure that your whereabout is known to one or more people for just in case anything happens.

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