”This is so sweet”- See what Laycon did for Vee at the party that made people to praise him

Today is Laycon’s birthday and everything on social media has been about him today. At the party that was hosted by his fans to celebrate his birthday, Laycon did something exemplary to Vee and it made lots of people to praise him. Before we talk about the main thing that Laycon did for Vee this night that generated reaction, here is a little update on the expensive birthday souvenirs and gifts that he received. See pictures of the luxurious brand new Benz that he got; the birthday cake; the first-class event centre and lots more:

Many people have always wondered the kind of relationship that exists between Vee and Laycon. They are both caring and attached to each other and people admire the relationship a lot. Vee has always stood up for Laycon even when he had nothing in the house. She has always been by his side even if when it was against all other housemates. The two of them have become so close and they have been fond of each other since then. It is a ride-or-die relationship that many people always admire. Tonight, something happened that made people to praise Laycon for being a nice gentle man.

This is what Laycon did exactly. There was a specially made chair which belonged to Laycon only. This chair is gold-plated furniture and it is meant for Laycon only as the celebrant. Laycon got to the place and they offered him the seat but, he did something that surprised them all. Instead of sitting on the seat, Laycon said Vee deserves to be on that special seat for being a special woman in her life. Many people were surprised as Laycon sat on the ordinary chair beside Vee. Vee sat like a queen on the throne while Laycon was sitting right beside her. They both gist and people wonder how humble and caring he is. His humility is second to none and many people really admire it.

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